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Summer is Here! It’s been a long wait!

Is it just me or does it feel like the winter went on forever! Bring on the Summer of 2023, as I write this looking out of the salon window the sun is shining and the baby lambs are having fun in the field! So uplifting!

It is the season for shorter haircuts, hot dogs and the dreaded grass seeds! So if you have a Cocker or a Cockapoo in particular check between their toes after walks, as grass seeds can be a very painful and expensive vet visit, these pesky things can and do travel, ouch!

Appointment updates, we are still taking on new clients although I am not able to groom big and hairy breeds like German Shepherds etc but if you get in touch, I organise our local network of groomers and I can always find you someone who is a perfect fit for your dog and more than happy to offer advice too!

Have a wonderful summer with your dogs and I can’t wait to see them!

Rachel, Matt, Peggy Sue and Maximus 🐾🐾