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Summer Updates

Well Summer should be here by now, the heat may not have arrived but all the Summer puppies certainly have! We have had so many squishy puppies lately that we have been totally spoilt. It’s been hard to socialise your pups through lockdown so it’s really important that they pop over and say Hi to meet us, plus we are always up for puppy cuddles! The more people your pup meets out and about the better so that they are confident and happy to be left for grooming, vet visits or to stay with friends or relatives. One question we get asked a lot is how your puppy will cope when being dropped off at the salon what you can do to help them?

The best way to deal with this I have found is just for you to be confident for them and have a no fuss attitude when you leave them, then they know from you (mum or dad) that everything is going to be ok and there is nothing for them to worry about. Once you have left there is so much going on that they are happy and curious to see everything thats going on and we will make it a fun time for them!

Plus they get to be super excited to see you again and show off their super new haircut!

Hope this helps!

Take Care Rachel