Springtime News!!

It looks like Spring has finally sprung and we are preparing ourselves for the busiest few months of the year. We are happy to announce that Chelsea our Saturday girl has now increased her hours and will be working towards her dog grooming qualifications with our guidance and assistance. She is a valued member of the team and we are looking forward to the future of Hollywood Dogs with her working alongside us and this will allow us to work even more productively and make your pets experience even more amazing!

A good professional groomer is hard to find, we have 12 years experience in this industry and this is what sets us apart and gives your pet the confidence to feel that they are in safe hands and in return they can have a relaxing experience, after all we all love to be pampered and feel and look amazing, why should our pets be any different!

We love to make our customers happy and hate to disappoint and demand for our services is always high so please try to plan your pets visit in advance to assure that you get the appointment that suits you. Why not book your appointments out for the year like many of our customers do?

If you are new to us why not check out our Facebook page and read all the wonderful reviews we have had from our happy customers and look at all the beautiful photographs of the dogs we groom?


Thank you for reading and see you soon!


Rachel, Matt and Chelsea


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