Keeping Your Dog Safe This Winter

I am sure that whether you are local or more further afield it can’t have escaped your notice that the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas are currently suffering a high numbers of dog thefts. Willow the Cockerpoo one of our clients has been missing for a number of weeks now and unfortunately there is still no news of her, it’s heartbreaking for her family.

To date some of the dog thefts we have reported on our facebook page have happened whilst out on a dog walk, dogs have been taken from their gardens and properties have been broken into, in the most recent incident a lady was approached in the street by potential dog thieves who attempted to steal her dog.

All of this is very worrying, so what can we do to keep our dogs safe from this threat? Please do not let your dog off the lead in a public place unless their re-call is excellent and you have your eye on them at all times.

Never leave a dog unattended outside a shop, if you leave your dog in your garden make sure that you have adequate locks and security measures to deter thieves.

Most of all be vigilant and hopefully we can put a stop to this frightening crime.


Stay Safe


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