I know we shouldn’t mention Christmas….. but…..!

Christmas always comes round too quickly don’t you think? One minute we are shocked that the supermarkets are filled with festive items and the next it’s all over and every year we are surprised! It’s no different here in the salon, December is one of the busiest months of the year, everyone wants a clean dog for Christmas when all the relatives come to visit!

If you haven’t reserved your Christmas appointment then please do, we would hate to disappoint you.

We will be opening on Christmas Eve this year, this is only for Starshine & Sparkle bath and de-shed appointments, no haircuts. These appointments will be limited however. The week leading up to Christmas we will be working a six day week and extended opening hours on those days too. If you would like anymore information let us know and we will find your slot for you.

If you haven’t already then please like our facebook and instagram pages for up to date news and of course our famous cute doggie photos!


Looking forward to seeing you soon

Rachel, Matt and Peggy Sue

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